About Me

Michael Koohafkan

I am a PhD student in the Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group at University of California Davis and a Water Resources Engineer at the California Department of Water Resources. My doctoral research is focused on using graph theory to represent and analyze spatio-temporal interactions between landscape features. I apply a novel graph-theoretic approach to studying the morphodynamics of emergent sandbars in the Missouri River and to assess habitat patch evolution in the Russian River Estuary. I started the doctoral program in late 2014 following completion of a Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering at University of California Berkeley, where I studied the role of fog in the hydrology of coastal watersheds in California. I have also collaborated with NOAA’s Habitat Blueprint to explore hydrologic controls on salmonid habitat quality in the Russian River estuary, and with the American Bird Conservancy on the development of an agent-based model of Interior Least Tern breeding behavior.


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