Generating networks from rasters with R

Making networks out of rasters turned out to be trivial with R.

Generating networks from polylines with ArcGIS

Converting a polyline layer to a network object isn't conceptually complicated, but implementation can be finicky. Here's one way to do it with ArcGIS.

Plotting marginal distributions redux

A year ago I showed a method for plotting marginal distributions on top of ensemble data using ggplot2. Now I've found a much easier solution.

BSTEM and SED-WAT at SEDHYD (oh my!)

I'm an author on two papers at the 2019 Federal Interagency Sedimentation and Hydrologic Modeling Conference. Check them out!

Asynchronous web requests with R and curl

I've been developing web services for our water quality database and implemented asynchronous requests to speed things up.