A ggsubplot revival

There used to be package for embedding subplots in a ggplot, but it's been deprecated for years. I figured out how to re-implement ggsubplot features within the tidyverse.

Two pool-to-pool spacing periods on large sand-bed rivers

I'm a co-author on a paper contrasting geomorphic observations of the Mississippi and Madeira Rivers. It just got published to Journal of Geomorphology, check it out!

Plotting marginal distributions of morphological simulation results (and anything else) with ggplot2

I figured out a method for plotting marginal distributions on top of ensemble data of morphological simulations in R using ggplot2.

Using self-signed certificates with Git

My new organization's self-signed certificates weren't playing nice with Git. Here's how I fixed the problem.

Geomorphic trajectory and landform analysis using graph theory

I developed a method for automatically generating panel datasets from spatial datasets. It was recently published in Progress in Physical Geography. Check it out!