Volume lookup table constructed from RRE bathymetry. Structured as:

  • dist distance along the thalweg marking the edge of each zone furthest from the mouth, e.g. dist = 100 identifies the region spanning 0 meters and 100 meters along the thalweg.

  • elev elevation marking the the top of the depth increment, i.e. elev = 0.1 identifies the region spanning 0 and 0.1 meters elevation.

  • count the total number of cells contained within each zone and vertical increment.



A data frame with 3 variables


The volume lookup table was generated from the RRE bathymetry DEM and zone delineations based on a manual trace of the river thaleweg. The volume cells are defined as having a length of 1 meter, width of 1 meter, and height of 0.1 meters (cell volume of 0.1 cubic meters). Zones are delineated in 100-meter increments along the thalweg, and each zone is divided in the vertical into 0.1-meter increments from a minimum elevation of -15.8 meters to a maximum elevation of 2.6 meters. The lookup table lists the count of volume elements in each vertical increment in each zone, i.e. each row lists the number of elements between river distances d and d - 100 and between depths z and z - 0.1.