Open-source software for 1D hydraulic simulations

The rivr package for R is a free and open-source software package for open-channel flow simulation in 1D. Check out my article in the R Journal for more information, or download it from CRAN.

Assessing salmonid habitat in the Russian River estuary

As part of my work on the NOAA Habitat Blueprint for the Russian River Estuary, I developed a shiny application for exploring salmonid habitat based on CTD transect data.

Analyzing HEC-RAS sediment simulation data

As part of my work with HEC, I routinely calibrate and validate sediment transport models. I developed the RAStestR package for R to make it easier to read and manipulate HEC-RAS sediment transport simulation outputs.

Analyzing hydrologic regime and environmental flow indicators

As part of my dissertation research on the geomorphic processes that build and maintain emergent sandbar habitat in the Missouri River, I developed the flowregime package for R to compute environmental flow indicators, including the standard outputs of IHA.